Nursing documentation redefined
Discover the innovative healthcare assistance features of Memoro, which help you focus on what matters the most: the patient. Memoro makes nursing documentation easy by allowing you to complete documentation tasks simply by voice input.
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Writing nursing reports made easy
With Memoro, you can save valuable time by filling in reports just by speaking. Whether on foot, in the car or with your hands full - press the button and the app listens. This enables easy and flexible documentation that adapts to your daily work routine.
Saving time in outpatient and inpatient care
Memoro significantly reduces the time spent on documentation tasks in outpatient and inpatient care. This means more time for the care and support of your patients.
Always the right mode at hand
Memoro offers the right mode for every task: whether it's a care SIS, action plan, team meeting or other documentation - with Memoro, you always have the right modes and prompts available.
Language diversity for foreign professionals
Memoro supports 26 languages and enables foreign professionals to document in their native language, which can be instantly translated. This improves the efficiency and accuracy of healthcare documentation and makes it easier to write nursing reports.
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Available anywhere, flexible at any time
Record memos on your mobile phone or tablet and copy them via our web app into your system. Contact us for direct integration into your internal processes.
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Data protection first and foremost
- Security standards: DSGVO & GDPR
- Developed in Germany & Switzerland
- Your data is stored in Germany
- Your data is not shared with third parties
- Your data is end-to-end encrypted
- Daily backups of your data
No more paperwork
Try Memoro for free and experience how easy care documentation can be.

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